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January 2019 £15,000 Grant from The Veteran Foundation 


Delivering Veteran Mental Health Counselling Where it’s Needed


After a number of years signposting and mentoring veterans as a volunteer, and finding the most difficult area to secure support was mental health counselling, Karla Stevenson created The Poppy Practice to bridge that gap.


Taking inspiration from the same structure we all use to acquire NHS funded glasses and dental work- using private organisations across the UK to deliver funded services alongside their own commercial work- The Poppy Practice is able to deliver mental health counselling to veterans in their local area.


As this network of accredited counsellors are only funded for the work they do, and the Poppy Practice administration is ran voluntarily every penny raised goes directly into courses of counselling sessions for the beneficiaries. Each counsellor must meet strict criteria to qualify to join the network and feedback is continually assessed so only the best professionals are allowed to join.


The grant of £15,000 from the Veteran Foundation will fund up to 50 veterans through a course of counselling each. All able to choose Counsellors in their own localities and with minimum delays. 


Given the distressing news in 2018 that the veteran community received over the numbers of veteran lives lost to Mental Health issues this grant enables a significant amount of veterans to receive the help they need.

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